Osteospermum Sunadora® Valencia Osteospermum Sunadora® Palermo Osteospermum Sunadora® Acapulco Osteospermum Sunadora® Marbella Osteospermum Sunadora® Florida

Sunadora® Osteospermum Series

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Vivid colours with good branching habits and great flower performance.

Innovative and unique breeding

Sunadora® Osteospermums have now become a popular choice for growers around the world. A full range of 8 varieties with some very exciting breakthrough colours: Acapulco (bright yellow), Marbella (dark orange), Florida (yellow-orange), Palermo (salmon-pink) and Valencia (pale orange). The other varieties in the range are Casablanca (white), Tahiti (white with yellow eye) and Hawaii (magenta purple). The new Sunadora® Osteospermum plants are not only great in containers, but they are also outstanding in the borders in your garden. They are suitable for large and small pot plant production and are very easy to grow with less reliance on chemicals.

The Sunadora® Osteospermum varieties have been traditionally bred and offer healthy varieties with exciting new flower colours with good summer performance and excellent branching habits. Sunadora® offers the market innovation and not just the same old flowers. For instance: Sunadora® is the first to offer vivid yellow and orange varieties that are real osteospermums as opposed to the dimorphotheca hybrid types.

Each new variety is bred with passion for the genus and with total dedication to offer both consumer and grower something completely unique and exciting. Garden performance is extremely important and therefore all Sunadora® Osteospermums are thoroughly tested outdoors in the open ground as well as in pots. A reliable trustworthy product is essential. Our Osteospermums are guaranteed to be unique and you can be sure that there is no equivalent available on the market when a Sunadora® variety is released!

Sunadora® Osteospermums

Osteospermum Sunadora® Valencia Osteospermum Sunadora® Acapulco Osteospermum Sunadora® Hawaii Osteospermum Sunadora® Tahiti Osteospermum Sunadora® Marbella Osteospermum Sunadora® Casablanca Osteospermum Sunadora® Florida Osteospermum Sunadora® Palermo
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